Brand Story of Foss

The Eco-Friendly Enterprise Founded for Earth

Global warming is already changing our Earth. Watching various kinds of pollutions damage the habitat of ocean and land, being a part of the global village, Amos Tien feels he can’t let the pollutants continue damaging the environment. Thus, he founded FOSS.

FOSS stars with the inner tube of bicycles, and devotes all the efforts to invent the eco-friendly and Plastic rubber. The FOSS explosion proof inner tube was successfully made. It can prevent an immediate puncture of tires, and slow down the leak of the tire, just like the car tube, which gives the riders more time to react. Also, FOSS inner tube has the FOSS Patch which can quickly repair the punctured tire.

Moreover, after the inner tube is fully used, it can be recycled as the Plastic rubber material to reach the goal of 3R principle and protect the environment. (3R: 1.Reduce 2.Reuse 3.Recycle)

Give Us a Hub and a Carbon Fiber Spoke, We Can Turn the World Around.

In 2012, Amos Tien founded out that the hub in the market, which is the center of the wheel set, needed continuous improvement and continuous innovation. Therefore, our research team puts all the heart in improving and innovating the hub.

After three years of working around the clock, we create the with 36 teeth in turbine fan shape arrangement free hub. The gear system is the simplest, and the low rolling resistance allows the wheel set to get more favorable gliding speed and distance.

FOSS hub caused the attention in the field and received the awards of EUROP WINNER AWARD 2015 and Taipei Cycle by IF d&i awards 2015. And in 2018, the breakthrough innovation invention Foss Zero Drag Silent Hub once again caused the cyclone whirlwind and also won the Taipei Cycle by IF d&i awards

With Fearless Spirit, Continue Creating Miracles.

In 2016, we set the goal of the light weight and the strong rigidity of the wheel set, and develop the Carbon Fiber Spoke. Its biggest feature is no extending of the Carbon Fiber Spoke, not like the metal spoke, and it lowers the tension of the spoke. The other feature is the light weight. The average weight of Foss Carbon Fiber Spoke is 3g, it has a big difference with the general metal spoke. Furthermore, the Carbon Fiber Spoke provides the strong rigidity and transmission power.

Future Prospect

“Make impossible possible.” is Amos Tien’s motto. Under the development of Industry 4.0, FOSS keeps the original attention of protecting Earth to serve the public, and continuing innovating.