Company Profile

FOSS Worldwide Inc. has engaged in the innovation of bicycle wheel sets for more than ten years. FOSS aims to be a pioneer in this industry and to provide the customers with products of best quality and all functions. Starting from research and development, design, and


Top speed in shortest time
Lengthen gliding distance with gliding speed maintained
Effectively eliminate noise

Explosion Proof

When pierced, the highly-polymerized material of the tube will create an air-tight seal around the object and prevent an immediate puncture which fully gives the riders more time to react.

Foss Wheel Set
FOSS Silen Wheel Sets' Features:
  • Use Foss zero drag silen system, carbon fiber spoke customizable and high rigidity of carbon fiber rim.
  • By zero drag silen hub system, the riders can get up to the top speed within the short time period.
  • Zero drag silen hub can effectively lengthen gliding distance and maintain gliding speed when the rider does not step on peddles.
  • By Zero drag silen hub, the rider can have a tranquil journey.