Carbon Fiber Whell Set FOSS Wheel Vanguard 50

FOSS Wheel Vanguard 50

  • FOSS 36T  magnetized hub
  • Carbon fiber Spoke: 3 mm / 2.5 mm
  • Rim material/color: Carbon / black
  • Front rim dimension: 622/50/25 mm
  • Rear rim dimension: 622/50/25 mm
  • Shimano 11
  • Tire type: Clinche
  • Wheels stickers: Black / White
  • Weight: 1640 g / set , 1560 g / set
  • FOSS Vanguard wheel set is integrated with 36T magnetized disk hub, carbon fiber spokes and high rigidity of carbon fiber rim.
  • Magnetized disk hub can efficiently and wholly convery the rider's tread to carbon fiber spokes.
  • The carbon fiber spoke with the characters of strong rigidity and not extending, every rider's tread on transmission force won't be offset.
  • Combining with high rigidity of carbon fiber rim,  the rider can entirely enjoy the pleasure of full power output.